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Set Up

Upon delivery and pick up , our delivery and installation teams can setup and breakdown your rental items to help make your event smoother and stress free. Pricing varies based on the item. This service must be arranged prior to your delivery to ensure ample time ensuring our delivery team are able to accommodate. We look forward to helping you with set up for your next event

About Us

Chris and Shauna Meyer are natives to the Placerville area and met in high school where Chris attended El Dorado High School and Shauna went to Ponderosa. They have been married for 22 years and are the parents of two children. After graduating high school, Chris and Shauna worked at G&O Body Shop and Towing for the better part of fourteen years. Chris ran the towing end of the operation and Shauna liked to keep herself busy in the auto body side of the business. 


They both decided to go into business for themselves and Chris started High Sierra Industries which provides line lunches in support of all the fire service personnel putting their lives on the line all summer long, as well as keeping the service vehicles fueled up and ready to go. High Sierra Industries also helps up with the fire cleanup after everything is out. 


Shauna left G&O and started helping a close friend book parties and events and really took to it. She liked the aspect of decorating, setting up themes and creating an environment that the people feel comfortable in and can express and enjoy themselves. Shauna really wanted to get into the equipment rental side of the business when an opportunity arose for her to take over a party rental equipment company and the rest is history. She launched High Sierra Events and is ready to take care of all your event rental needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Read some of our most Frequently ask questions below, if you have one that hasn’t been asked or answered, get in touch with us either through our website, or sending an email to


I want to rent something from you, how can I do that?

We try to keep this as simple as possible for you! Simply look through our items on the site and email us a list for a quote or call us. We would love to go over everything with you.

How do I get my rentals?

We have a full-service delivery team ready to deliver you carefully selected items to your location! Our delivery team will drop your items curbside to level sites only. 


Do you do Delivery and set-up?

Yes we do, Delivery and Set-up are available for additional charges. Charges are based off the quantities and items for Set-up and Delivery is based off mileage. 


Do I need to be home for delivery and or pick-up?

No, please make arrangements ahead of time, to make sure our team knows where you would like your items


Do you set up equipment? 

Yes, for an additional charge. Must of the equipment is delivered on rolling charts to help you move them as needed


Can I come see you in person?

Absolutely! We welcome everyone to shop, I just ask that we make an appointment to guarantee you the one and one time you deserve


What if I don’t know what I want?

We can assist you with that! Send us a note to with a general description of what you are trying to achieve and one of our specialists will be in touch.


Do I need to make reservations?

Highly recommended! To insecure your items are available for your event, it is best to make reservations


How far in advance should I make my reservations?

You should make your reservations as soon as you are fairly sure about what items and quantities you will be needing. 


Can I change my reservation later on?

Absolutely! You can increase your order as long as those items are available. You can decrease your quantities and delete items up to 5 days before your event.


How can I make a reservation? 

You can make your reservation over the phone; however, we will need to charge the security deposit in full. If you have time, you can come by our office and pay for the deposit as well. 


What about the security deposit?

A refundable security deposit is due on all orders. Deposits are determined by the size of your order and usually ranges 25-35% of your orders total. This can be paid cash or check, if you give us a check, we will hold that check and return your original check to you once your items are received. If you give us your credit card number, we will simply hold the card number. 


What about late night, early morning, or Sunday deliveries or Pickups?

We can definitely provide all the above, please call for a quote


My event is on Saturday. Since you are closed and Sunday, do I have to pay an extra day of rental?

No, you can get your items on Saturday and return on Monday for a one day charge


What should we do with dishes and linens prior to returning them? 

We ask that you please scrape, rinse and stack plates and glassware back in the containers which they were delivered in. All linens should be shaken and placed in the provided linen bag


What is the damage waiver?

The damage waiver is 10% of the rental price and is not refundable.  Acceptance of the Damage Waiver releases you, the renter, of damage done to the items due to normal wear and tear as well as cleaning fees. The damage waiver is not insurance and does not cover negligence, misuse, vandalism, abuse to the equipment or weather-related incidents.  You may decline the damage waiver whereby you assume responsibility for any and all damages. If the Damage Waiver is declined and items are damaged, repair and/or replacement costs will be assessed.


Is the damaged waiver refundable?

No. The damage waiver is not refundable. You are welcome to decline the damage waiver and then the damage waiver will be removed. If the damage waiver is declined, you the renter, are now responsible for repair or replacement costs should any item be damaged for any reason.


Terms & Conditions

All rentals are paid in advance.


A charge will be added for items requiring cleaning upon return.


The Renter will be charged for time until equipment is returned to store and return is verified by validation of the contract. That time is the essence of the contract and the Renter agrees that charges are based on time out, not time used.


The Renter certifies and acknowledges that they have this date and at the time specified received from High Sierra Events the personal property listed and identified in the contract.


The personal property is rented to the Renter by High Sierra Events to be used by the Renter at the designated address for the stated time period and is to be used solely for the purpose for which said equipment was manufactured and intended.


The equipment will not be removed from the address listed on the contract for use at any other address without the consent of High Sierra Events


The Renter has personally inspected the personal property being rented and found it to be in good working and unbroken condition when received and declares that they fully understand the proper use and that it meets their requirements.


The Renter, upon termination of their contract as stated in the “Expiration Date” section of their contract, will immediately return the rented personal property, with all attachments, accessories, and parts thereof to the address of High Sierra Events during regular business hours in good condition and repair, subject to reasonable wear and use and agrees to compensate High Sierra Events for the amount of the contractually stated rental rates for each day or week consumed while equipment is in the process of recovery or repair.


In case of failure of the rental equipment for any cause, the Renter, at their expense, shall return it to High Sierra Events’ premises. The Renter particularly understands that without High Sierra Events’ authorization, the Renter has no authority to incur expense on High Sierra Events’ account for the repair of the rental equipment.


If the personal property is lost or stolen, the Renter will pay High Sierra Events for the cost of replacement or repair of the personal property which was lost or damaged.


The Renter promises to hold High Sierra Events harmless and free from any and all liability of any and every nature whatsoever, arising out of the use, maintenance, or return of the equipment. The Renter shall indemnify and hold High Sierra Events free from all damages to third persons of their property caused by the Renter in possessing or operating the equipment, including legal fees and costs incurred in defense of such claims. In the event of an accident or collision involving any of the equipment, the Renter agrees to furnish High Sierra Events with a complete report of the incident, including all names and addresses of all witnesses and parties involved, and a copy of any police report, and further agrees that the equipment will be used by the Renter and / or persons designated on the contract, and no other person, without the consent of High Sierra Events.


If the Renter desires to extend their contract beyond the date and time originally agreed upon, the Renter will immediately notify High Sierra Events of this desire and obtain High Sierra Events approval and terms for the extension.


If the renter by any reason of any breach of their contract (i.e. termination of their contract, failure to pay rental, insolvency of the renter, or any other reason it becomes necessary for High Sierra Events to retake possession of the personal property), High Sierra Events and it’s agents shall be permitted and they are authorized to go upon the renter’s property and retake the equipment without legal process. High Sierra Events and it’s agents may use all force necessary to retake the equipment and the Renter expressly waives for themselves, agents, and employees, all claims for damages and losses, physical and pecuniary, caused by retaking by High Sierra Events. The Renter agrees to pay all costs and expenses incurred by High Sierra Events in retaking the equipment and in collection of sums due under their contract. Should High Sierra Events employ legal counsel to assist in the recovery of any sum due under their contract, the Renter agrees to pay all costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees incurred by High Sierra Events 


High Sierra Events, at its own discretion, may revert all charges to a daily rate if charges or invoices are not paid on due dates.


The Renter agrees to pay interest at the rate of 18% per annum or at the highest rate permitted by law, whichever is lesser, upon all delinquent accounts, and further agrees to pay upon demand, all reasonable collection costs and attorney’s fees incurred in collections of the Renter’s account, or in enforcing any of the terms of their contract.


The failure of High Sierra Events at any one or more times to insist upon strict performance by the Renter of the terms and conditions of their contract shall not

Size Guide & Tips

Size Guide

Table Seating Guide

For standard/comfortable seating we recommend that you reserve 2’ of space per person. Please note this may be adjusted smaller if you have smaller chairs/guests, however you may need to reserve a little more room if you think your guests may need it. A typical chair width ranges from 15” - 20”.

Tabe Size Guide.png

Table Setting Guide

HSE Size Guides-03.png

Linen Size Guide

All our tables are the standard height of 30”, with the exception of the cocktail tables which are 42” high. Within this size guide you will see # drop - this indicates how far the linen will hang down the sides of the table. Reference the diagram below.

Table Linen Size-02.png

Dance Floor Size Guide

Determine what size floors you will need:


Consider First: How much space you have available?

It has to be able to fit to be able to use it. Precise measurements of the area you are wanting it installed in are important to make sure we provide you with the right equipment.


Consider Your Guests: A good base point for most events, is to assume that 40% of guests will be on the dance floor at any given time. This may vary depending on the group of people, but is a good rule of thumb. We would recommend 5 square feet per dancer for casual dancing.


How to Calculate?

By Guest Count: Take your total number of guests (A) and multiply it by the decimal form of the percentage you think will be dancing at any given time (B) i.e. 40% of guests would be 0.4 (find the decimal by dividing the percent by 100) to find (C) the estimated number of guests dancing at any given time (A)x(B)=(C) fo example: 150x.4=60. Then take (C) the estimated number of guests dancing at any given time and multiply it by the recommended square footage per dancer (5). 60 guests x 5 sqft=300 square feet needed. Then find the size/style that would best suit your needs. Please note the square footage will not match exactly and that is okay.

Dance Floor Size Guide.png

Size and Square Footage:


The numbers on the outside, indicate how big the dance floor will be in feet, the numbers on the inside indicate the square footage provided.


Please Consider When Sizing:



Our oak dance floor comes in 4’x4’ sections so the size can only be made in 4’ increments.


Black, White, or Black & White

Our black, white, or black & white dance floor comes in 2’x4’ sections so the size must be an even number of footage.



All dance floors require edging pieces that go around the perimeter to provide a fluid transition to the floor. These are not accounted in the size or square footage as they are not used for dancing. Allow 5” for oak flooring on each side. Allow for 3” for black, white, or black & white flooring on each side.

Contact Us

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6230 Enterprise Dr.

Diamond Springs, CA 95619

Office: 530-622-9065

Text: 530-903-9370


Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday: 9am-12pm

Sunday: Closed

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you shortly.

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